Quality Engineering Agile Transformation: Going from Horizontal to Vertical

Today, quality engineers face challenges in transforming their craft into an agile mindset. By flipping the Software Testing Lifecycle from a horizontal to a vertical way of working, the quality engineer can remove these challenges. Others have found gains by transforming the V-Model to a spiraling testing model. There are many models which can provide the foundation for an agile testing mindset. But, the transformation begins with the understanding one or more core testing models which can propel the quality engineer.

Learning Objectives:
- The core testing foundation is needed to be successful as an agile quality engineer
- Change is required to transform into an agile mindset
- Flexing the existing testing model provides a foundation for agile testing

Alvin Sumter, Cox Enterprise

Alvin has a background of more than twenty-plus years in software engineering. He has broad experience in quality and test engineering, test architecture, and test governance across various industry verticals. He has been responsible for designing, implementing, and improving quality and testing programs internationally. Alvin heads the Quality Engineering Center for Knowledge and Innovation at Cox Enterprises, Inc in Atlanta, Georgia. His focus is to mature quality and test processes using models like TMMi and TPI. Alvin is a frequent speaker at domestic and international seminars and conferences on Test Governance, Automation, Risk Management, and Metrics and KPIs.