Driving Quality Improvements Through Orthogonal Root Cause Analysis

This paper discusses the approaches used at a US health care company. Achieving engineering process improvements and gaining confidence in quality led to the adoption of RCA as a primary driver for engineering best practices. This paper covers what worked effectively to introduce a structured RCA program and also discusses the challenges encountered. Key success factors and an overall methodology are highlighted that include;
  • Scaling improvements for large distributed engineering teams
  • Customer satisfaction and its relationship with defect removals that can be used to trigger process improvements
  • Effectiveness of improvements evaluated using metrics

The audience will learn:

  • How to extract semantic information from software defects to take actions against their re-occurrence and to improve the process
  • How to scale improvements for large and distributed engineering teams
  • How to retrospect on why software bugs happen and how the confidence in quality can be improved going forward

Amol Patil, Mimecast 

Software Engineering leader with experience in leading and scaling distributed engineering teams to deliver high quality customer focused solutions. Experience in hiring and building geographically distributed teams with strong ownership and morale. Achieved high automation levels and shorter lead times using CICD, improved productivity and ultimately improved customer confidence and building corporate value. Experience in many markets; Healthcare, IoT, PLM, Mobile and cloud platforms and delivering new products and platform integration's using any cloud based DevOps infrastructure leveraging Docker, Terraform and Kubernetes.