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Quality Jam a Success

Moss Drake

PNSQC successfully started the 2022 conference year with a Quality Jam. This evening of lightning talks was designed to kick off the call for paper proposals for the 2022 conference.


Topics ranged from creativity, soft skills and emotional intelligence to test debt, IT management and cybersecurity. Before the talks started, PNSQC President Phil Lew led the group in a spirited networking session and discussion of geographic trivia, beer preferences and health topics.


PNSQC 2021 Award Winners


This event was also a chance to recognize the PNSQC 2021 presentation Award Winners.  Michael Larsen, with “The Dos and Don’ts of Accessibility,”  Jim Trentadue with “Key Observations and Trends in the Test Automation Market,” and “Adam Satterfield with “How to Design an Implement a Best in Class Test Automation Strategy” all received beautiful PNSQC awards to display on their desks or trophy shelf.

PNSQC is now accepting proposals for the PNSQC 2022 Conference, “The Evolution of Quality.”  Please click this link to see more about submitting an idea for the conference.

You can watch all the presentations on the PNSQC Youtube channel. They have also been collected in this playlist.

Becoming a More Creative Engineer – Moss Drake

Soft Skills a Tester Should Have – Mesut Durukal

Living with a Quality Mind in an Ordinary World – Heather Wilcox

The Thief in the Night: Testing Debt – Alvin Sumter

AppSec: What to Look Out for in 2022 – John Whiteman

Enterprise IT Quality at PNSQC – Ying Ki Kwong

Everyone is Talking about AI, but What About EI? – Philip Lew

This was a hybrid meetup, with some people meeting over Zoom while others congregated in person at a local pub in Portland, Oregon. One downside was that PNSQC could not provide food and drink to the people who attended remotely! Let us know if you enjoyed this format and if you would like to see more events like this.

Also, consider submitting a proposal for the PNSQC 2022 conference.