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From Monoliths to Microservices

Moss Drake

Monoliths vs MicroservicesThe recording for PNSQC's April 2022 meetup, “The Evolution of Enterprise Software System in the State Regulatory Space - From Monolith to Microservices,” is available on the PNSQC Youtube channel. Subscribe to the channel to get regular updates from all the recorded events.


The invited speaker, Mohammed “Mo” Dessouky, Sr. Director of Product Strategy at Tyler Technologies, covered his experiences with migrating from a monolithic system to a microservice architecture and some of the lessons learned during that process. This was a hybrid event, so some attendees showed up for lunch in person at the Reed Opera House venue in Salem, Oregon, while others were able to attend online.

“Our organization has been building and delivering software for small- and large-scale regulatory agencies for more than 30 years. This presentation shares how our solution has evolved over that time, and why it has evolved that way. The problems we were facing and the way we tried to solve them. We will discuss the impact this has had on maintainability, scalability, testability, availability, and most important of all our agility.”

Mo cited some of the benefits of using microservices:

  • Options for using heterogeneous development languages
  • Smaller platforms are easier to understand
  • Devops can leverage microservices to target deployments to single service, offering lower risks

Tackling microservices, however, has a learning curve.  "The biggest drawback of microservices is, in a word, complexity!"  Development, testing and deployment all have design and coordination complexity.

Watch the video for the full presentation.

As Mo says, “the ideas behind the discussion are applicable to almost any enterprise grade software in any business vertical."

Has your organization evolved from monoliths to microservices?  Submit a talk about your experience for PNSQC 2022.