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Managers, Boost Your Team at PNSQC

Moss Drake

Does this sound familiar? You’ve spent the last few years building up your company, learning new ways to work remotely, restructuring your department, strengthening your team, and moving ahead of the competition. 

But, now, pundits are saying a downturn is coming. Will all that you’ve gained in recent years be lost?

Uncertain times often means lower budgets — and with that, a hiring freeze. Or, worse, reducing staff size. But preparing now, while the economy is still working in your favor, can reduce the toll on your company and team.

As a manager, it’s time to recession-proof. Consider: 

  • What new technology is about to make yours obsolete? 
  • Who’s got a new management technique that is doubling productivity? 
  • Is crowd-sourcing about to take a huge bite out of your business? 
  • Where are all the smart young grads itching to work?

Work smarter by turning your attention to continuing education and making new connections. 

And the perfect place to solidify your company and team for whatever lies ahead is at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. Held online on October 10-12, it features a wide range of presentations and workshops by industry leaders, up-and-comers, and outsiders who care about quality. 

This is your chance to be proactive about the future. Take your team’s top performers to PNSQC. You’ll spend your days engrossed in the latest breakthroughs and best practices in testing, quality, and managing those hard-working quality professionals.

You’ll all come back to the workplace energized, inspired, better informed, and ready to withstand the challenges of the future.

Register now to lock in early bird discounted pricing for you and your team. You’ll never get a better return on your dollar than by investing in your team’s professional growth. And there’s no better combination of quality and price than PNSQC.