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It's a wrap!

Moss Drake
Amol Patil receives a top-speaker award from Bhushan Gupta and Tariq King at PNSQC 2022
Our 40th birthday party is over but not without some outstanding accomplishments. 

Kirilos George receives a top-speaker award from Tariq King and Bhushan Gupta  at PNSQC 2022As part of our mission to enable knowledge exchange to produce higher quality software, we seek to lift people up to their highest possibility. As such, three top rated speakers will be invited back next year as invited speakers.

This year, our winners are:
All authors and reviewers worked hard to turn out a professional paper published on our website and live on forever in our conference proceedings archives. Please take time to congratulate the rising stars of the #softwarequality profession.
Jeff Sing (right), a PNSQC 2022 top speaker award-winner, at the Sunday reception