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Wrapup for PNSQC 2023 Quality Jam!

Moss Drake
The 2023 Quality Jam took place on February 8, 2022, at Golden Valley Brewing in Beaverton, OR.
We had a good attendance of both in-person participants and virtual/online participants.

Our thanks to all of the speakers and participants who participated with us. We had a broad range of topics presented with many of our past presenters at PNSQC.

The lineup of talks included:
  • Welcome by PNSQC President, Philip Lew
  • Program Highlights, Program Chair, Moss Drake
  • The Evolution of You with Alan Ark
  • Gaming Your Systems with Michael Larsen
  • Three Keys to High Performing Teams with John Rutledge
  • A FAST Way to Scale with James Shore
  • 2022 Awards Presentation
  • The Importance of Observability in QA with Leandro Melendez
  • No More Blame, Prioritize Bugs with Bug Scoring with Trisha Chetani
  • Test Automation in DevOps Pipeline with Junhe Liu
  • Open Call for Papers and Closing by Program Chair
For those who could not attend, we have a new playlist over on the PNSQC YouTube Channel specifically for the 2023 Quality Jam.
Please feel free to visit and view any and all of the talks presented.