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Writing a Paper for PNSQC - What Are the Benefits

Philip Lew

Benefits of Being a Presenter at PNSQC

Give and You Shall Receive

As mentioned in a complementary blog (It's Not As Hard As You Think), one of the key things that has differentiated PNSQC from the ‘other’ conferences is our pursuit of deep knowledge fostered by asking for technical papers as a key part of the process of being a presenter.  Anyone who submits an abstract, gets accepted to the conference, and comes to present is required to complement their presentation with a peer-reviewed paper. You may think that this is a lot to ask, but it's not as hard as you think, and the benefits you get will surpass your expectations. Listen to some of our past authors on their paper writing and presenting experience at PNSQC and read on!

  1. Free admission to the conference - Perhaps the easiest to quantify benefit is that you get free entry to the conference. As a regular attendee, the regular cost is over $1,300, but as an author/presenter, you get in FREE!
  2. Collaborate with reviewers to develop your paper - One of the key aspects of writing a paper for PNSQC is that your paper is peer-reviewed by 2 past authors. This means you have access to experienced professionals who work with you diligently to turn out a top-notch paper and presentation. They’ll give you constructive feedback on your drafts and recommend how you can improve. What’s exciting is meeting them face to face at the conference and furthering your working relationship. We find that many authors and reviewers go on to form long-term working relationships and come back year after year to PNSQC.
  3. Access to the In-Depth Workshops - Normally, workshops cost $600 to attend, but as an author/presenter, you’ll be able to attend any of the workshops for only $99.
  4. Networking opportunity - When you step into our Sunday evening Opening Reception, you’ll understand the PNSQC difference right away. You’ll feel welcome and comfortable in mixing in with other software quality enthusiasts in a casual setting. Along with our Opening Reception, we’ve intentionally selected our venue and layout to promote networking. Our sponsored happy hours after each day of the conference will allow you the opportunity to chat with your new and old colleagues not only about AI and test automation but, especially for returning attendees, what happened in the past year. All of this is fostered through our ever-expanding group of returning attendees. Over half of our conference attendees have been to previous PNSQC conferences and keep coming back.
  5. Being Published - Your paper will be published in our annual proceedings and additionally, it will be available along with your presentation to all visitors to the website. In essence, you and your contribution to the software quality community will continue for decades to come.
  6. Your Own Personal Web Page on - As an author/presenter at PNSQC, you get your own personal web page that you can use to promote your paper and your professional credentials in perpetuity.
  7. Professional Advancement - Speaking at PNSQC, an industry-leading conference with over 40 years of history, is something you want to put on your resume! Writing a paper demonstrates to current and potential employers that, not only are you serious about your career but you’re also serious about being involved in the larger Quality Community. When applying for a job, you can link your page from the PNSQC website to your application and give potential employers an easy way to see what kind of work you’re capable of. It’s also a clear demonstration of your willingness to put in the extra time to create Quality results. Career experts often comment that many jobs are found and acquired through personal contacts. Being a speaker is a quick way to expand your network and achieve the best kind of notoriety within the Quality world. Once you’ve given your presentation, you’ll find that your LinkedIn account will light up with requests to connect from folks who attended your talk. Speaking at a well-attended conference gives you the kind of positive exposure and notoriety that is hard to achieve through normal social networking.
  8. Visit Portland, Oregon - If you’re into beer and other spirits, Portland is the place to go. But the Northwest offers much more than just beverages! There are so many things you can do within minutes of the city. Many of our attendees have shared their adventures in apple picking, winery hopping, jogging across the many bridges, as well as outings in nature to view the scenery such as Multnomah Falls. If you’re a shopper, then enjoy tax-free purchases as Oregon has no state sales tax! Portland is described by Lonely Planet as: “One of the world's great towns for beer, weirdness, cheap food, funky neighborhoods, forest hikes, and much more, Portland is the kind of city you visit for two days and then move to.”

Send in Your Abstract Today

Do you have something to share with our community? Perhaps some big Problem you solved or a new tool you implemented at work? It’s not as hard as you think! Submit today and let others learn from your experience! You won’t regret presenting and, when it’s all done, you’ll find that you’re happy you did it!