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Philip Lew

Why Participate in the Pacific Northwest Software Conference?

In the dynamic realm of software development, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for professionals aiming to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. One prime opportunity to engage with cutting-edge trends, network with industry leaders, and enhance your skills is the Pacific Northwest Software Conference (PNSQC). As an annual gathering of some of the brightest minds in software development, PNSQC offers a unique platform for professionals to learn, connect, and drive innovation. In this blog post, we explore the compelling reasons why participating in the Pacific Northwest Software Conference is a must for software enthusiasts.

Knowledge Amplification:

At the heart of PNSQC lies a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be unlocked. The conference boasts a diverse lineup of industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners who share their insights, experiences, and the latest trends in software development. The knowledge gained at PNSQC catalyzes professional growth, empowering participants to tackle complex issues and drive innovation within their organizations.

Networking Opportunities:


Networking is key to staying connected with industry trends, potential collaborators, and job opportunities. PNSQC provides a unique environment for attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, engage in meaningful conversations, and establish valuable contacts. 

Exposure to Emerging Technologies:

Staying ahead in the software industry requires a keen awareness of emerging technologies. PNSQC is a hub for the latest advancements in software development, providing a glimpse into the future of the industry. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and cloud computing, the conference showcases how these technologies are reshaping the software landscape. 

Community Building:

Beyond the exchange of knowledge and skills, PNSQC fosters a sense of community among software professionals. The conference creates a space where individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences come together to share their passion for software development. 


Dr. Gwendolyn Avington’s Journey with the PNSQC

My journey with the PNSQC began with the role of peer reviewer. This position underscored my commitment to upholding the conference's reputation for technical excellence. As a peer reviewer, I believe it takes a discerning eye and dedication to select the most innovative and relevant material to showcase software quality. As a result of this key role, one of the authors I was a reviewer for has been invited back to speak at the 2024 PNSQC event. The other author I had the privilege to review gave a great presentation. 

Also, I had the distinct honor of joining other brilliant minds in a panel discussion on Digital Equity. This session was a poignant exploration of inclusivity and accessibility within the tech realm and provided me with a platform to amplify my voice on crucial social issues.

It was intriguing to navigate the complexities of digital equity, emphasizing the need for a tech landscape that goes beyond mere functionality. I shared insights touching on the ethical responsibilities embedded in technology, urging the audience to consider the broader societal implications of their work. I considered my contribution to the discussion to not just be an intellectual exercise but a heartfelt plea for a tech industry that reflects the diversity and humanity it serves.

My latest role is becoming the Co-Chair of the PNSQC Outreach Committee. I believe the Co-Chair position will serve to solidify me as a leader with a vision for a more diverse and interconnected tech community. The Outreach Committee will become a catalyst for change, actively engaging in initiatives that aim to bridge gaps and create opportunities for underrepresented voices.

If you are reading this blog, you are already halfway there, and want you to join the PNSQC in our mission to include all people and communities in the important work in software development and software quality!