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Voices of Software Quality

Philip Lew
In the post-COVID world, the PNSQC found it appropriate to revisit and re-evaluate our organization's core values. Since our founding in 1982, we have experienced many changes (i.e., increases and decreases in interest, venue changes, shifts in participants and volunteers) over the past 42 years. These various fluctuations prompted the organization to deeply examine our original mission and create a new one. Our new mission statement is 'Enabling Quality Through Community'.  We believe that this mission will help align our organization with the present as well as carry us forward into the future.
It has become clear to us that COMMUNITY is a key differentiator between PNSQC and other conferences. This is evident in that many of our attendees have returned year after year for over a decade.  Attendees return, not only to learn more about the latest in software quality but also to reconvene with old friends and colleagues.  Community is a critical element of our DNA. Part of building a great community is diversity.  We want PNSQC to be a place where everyone feels welcome to join in and share their thoughts.  In recent years, we’ve noticed that young people have been missing from our community and it’s time we rectified that. 

To encourage those with less experience or perhaps no experience (and want to enter the world of software) to join us, we intend to include content that is helpful for Students and New College Graduates.  However, we need your help to do that via talks that are geared towards Novices or Juniors.  Please share your hard-earned knowledge and experience and submit a talk proposal specifically aimed at helping and supporting those who want to enter our industry. Some Novice proposal ideas we’ve come up with include:

  • ​The less obvious reasons for getting into software and technology
  • How to get your foot in the technology door
  • QA Interviewing:  Tips and Tricks (How to get your first QA Job)
  • Tuning your resume for a job in QA
  • What Engineers want from their QA
  • Why Automation is your BFF
  • Hunting Bugs in the wild: The best tools to use and common mistakes we’ve all made
  • Risk-Based Testing:  How to test too much stuff in not enough time
  • Introduction to writing test cases and defects
  • Configuring Jira to meet the software tester’s needs
  • Getting started in  test automation using Selenium
  • Getting started in performance testing using JMeter
  • ​How to do a basic security scan to make sure you’re not in the news
We’re sure you have more! Submit your abstract today in any of these conference tracks.