How AI can help accelerate testing

AI can beat humans at Chess & Go, drive a car more safely than you, identify cat videos better than any human; soon AI will help test code better than humans too. The number of testers required in this new world will drop dramatically - the only question is when. What is really going on at the forefront of Building AI systems for test automation? Working at companies like & Google, Chris has explored the intricacies of building a robot to assist a manual QA team. Through large data systems, he has dealt with training machines to determine a bug versus a feature. All of this has lead to the question; What are the testing jobs of the future? How do engineers work with these AI systems to be more efficient? Chris will show how mobile and web are leading the testing today, and how they will be testing in the near future. Chris shares a very candid description of his boots-on-the-ground perspective on the rapidly evolving world of AI for testing. "* How AI can be applied to UI testing
* Different methods of AI/ML
* Where AI is being used across all of testing / dev ops

Chris Navrides, Dev Tools

Chris Navrides was the VP of engineer at, which is built the first AI based mobile & web testing solution. Before that, Chris worked at Google on automation testing for Google Play and mobile ads, and Dropbox on their mobile platform team. Chris received his Bachelors and masters from Colorado School of Mines.