Service confidence... because code coverage and CRAP scores just don't give you the whole picture

At Miami we have 4-6 software development teams and we are responsible for the applications and processes that are written to support the members of the Miami Community. Official testing practices were very new to the organization, but we wanted to get an idea of the 'quality' of our applications. One thought would be: do static analysis of code to get a score, but since we are higher education, we wanted something more. We have developed the idea of 'Service Confidence' as a group of stakeholders we discuss and score three factors for our services: Context, Confidence & Complexity. While the grade that we give our applications is important, we have discovered that the discussion determining the grade is just as important. I will be sharing how these conversations are going and what we are learning as we go through this scoring exercise of Service Confidence, along with some timings to consider when planning on scheduling these discussions. While this doesn't fully replace the quick analytics obtained from code static analysis, we can show that there is more to Quality than CRAP scores and Code coverage. "By the end if the presentation I hope that the attenders will learn about the benefits of 'Service Confidence' and why we decided that we couldn't rely solely on CRAP scores and code coverage when determining the quality of a service.
I'll share a map that we have been using to plot the results of our framework discussions.
And I'll share some of the questions we used or at least items to consider when talking about the confidence you have in the solutions that your organization is developing

Don Kidd, Quality Engineer, Miami University

I was a software developer for 16+ years and then made the switch to the quality side, about 6 years ago where I am now tasked to improve our quality efforts at Miami. I am currently working with various stakeholders at Miami to understand what 'Quality' means to them, so that we can design and implement quality measures to reach those objectives. I also coach our software delivery teams on tools and practices to help build solutions that we are confident in while making the users of these systems more efficient in the work they are doing.