Amping Your Success by Leading With Quality: Why

We've become used to hearing the phrase 'Shift Left on Quality', but is simply shifting enough? What if we 'Lead with Quality'? That doesn't just mean putting QA engineers in the room early. Leading with Quality is bigger than that. The concept is all about making smart decisions from THE BEGINNING of the planning process for a product. Regardless of whether you're Agile, Waterfall, or some other SDLC paradigm, it's vital to have the right people in the right room representing the right parts of your organization so that the right decisions can be made to enable the construction of a quality product. Many project problems can be tied to a failure to lead with quality, for example, having non-technical people design a technical solution or perhaps choose the tools that the developers will use. This paper will delve into what it means to 'Lead with Quality' and how the application of the concept can save time, money, and effort and will result in a higher quality product.

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Heather Wilcox

After leaving a potential career in Anthropology, Heather has spent over 25 years working and learning in the software industry, choosing to focus primarily on start-up and small companies. As a result, she has had a broad range of job descriptions which include, but are not limited to: Technical Support Engineer, IS Manager, Technical Writer, QA Engineer, Staff QA engineer, and Configuration Management Engineer. Recently, Heather has moved into a more permanent relationship with a mid-sized educational company where she’s been for the last 12 years. This has given Heather a wide range of experiences to draw from in her current role as Manager of Quality and Reliability. In her spare time, Heather enjoys fiber arts, equestrian sports, and training donkeys.