Building and Managing a Hybrid QA Team

WizeHive has long been a remote-first team: long before we heard of 'COVID,' we had employees working in the office as few as one or two days per week, and several who only set foot in the office once a year. I was hired as the QA Manager to create a brand-new team in this hybrid work environment. I faced the challenges of hiring, onboarding, managing, and engaging a team that includes testers across multiple time zones. Using all the tools at hand (time management, videoconferencing, asynchronous text-based messaging, project management systems, etc.) and lots of creativity and flexibility, we were able to create a team that works together efficiently to support an agile engineering team which is also spread over multiple time zones. Participants will see and hear concrete examples of how to use the tools mentioned above, some creative solutions to team management and employee engagement, and insights for building a hybrid team that is as good as -- and in some ways better than -- one that it co-located.

Jay Newlin, Quality Assurance Manager, WizeHive

Jay's tech career began in 1983 when he was hired as a 'computer operator' because no one knew what else to call the person who would help a company learn how to use their IBM PC. He then worked as an ERP implementer and management consultant. For most of the last 9 years, he worked at consultancies, leading in-house testing teams and guiding clients as they developed their own QA teams. In Fall 2021 Jay became the QA Manager of WizeHive, whose SaaS products enable corporate social responsibility programs. His hobbies include singing, theater, and travel. He lives in Center City Philadelphia, and his cat is sure that SHE'S the quality expert in the home.