Structuring Test Automation Teams for Effectiveness

Invited Speaker!

Test automation teams have had plenty of false starts on truly understanding where they fit best. For example, how are automation engineers deployed for in-sprint automation? Is it best for n, n-1, n-2 automation cadence for measuring their velocity? How does automation maintenance for recently developed scripts get factored into the sprint planning as well as maintaining the overall test suite? How does evaluation and applying new tooling add yet another layer of complexity to the automation engineer’s role? These are just some of the questions that will be answered during the session. The session will review the pros and cons of a centralized vs. a decentralized automation CoE for such things as standards, processes, tooling and best practices. Finally, the approach of a hybrid model will be looked at and how this can be reapplied in your organization to achieve the test automation goals they are looking to achieve.

Jim Trentadue, PwC

Jim Trentadue has more than twenty years of experience as a leader in the software testing field. In his various career roles in testing, Jim has focused on test execution, automation, management, environment management, standards deployment, and test tool implementation. In the area of offshore testing, Jim has worked with multiple large firms to develop and coordinate cohesive relationships.

As a guest speaker at the University of South Florida’s software testing class, Jim mentors students on the testing industry and trends for establishing future job searches and continued training. Jim has started his own Test Automation Foundations & Principles workshop aimed at helping manual testers get started with test automation.