Evolving Quality through a Culture of Learning

Keynote Speaker!

Software development technologies change rapidly with new test frameworks, methodologies, tools, and libraries constantly being introduced. These changes can help us to improve the way we approach software quality and testing, but keeping pace with them can also be challenging. As we evolve as software professionals and are exposed to new applications, technologies, issues, and mindsets, the way we approach testing and quality must evolve as well. A key part of that evolution is learning and, more specifically, balancing learning on the job with learning on our own time.

Julia Pottinger frequently interacts with individuals who want to advance their careers by learning new skills in areas such as test automation, performance, security, accessibility and more. However, the demands of their current duties usually makes it difficult for them to make significant progress. Julia believes that every company should have a culture of learning. One that promotes investing in junior testers, while continuing to upskill the expertise of senior testers. Join Julia as she shares proven ways to create a culture of learning in your organization in an effort to improve quality, develop leaders, and guide the career trajectory of every employee in your organization.

Julia Pottinger, QualityWorks Consulting Group

Julia Pottinger is the Head of Training and Development at QualityWorks. She is a big advocate for work-life balance, rest, and spending time with your loved ones. She enjoys helping companies enhance the quality of their software through improved test coverage, faster time to market, increased process efficiency, and optimized use of resources. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience and contributes to the testing community through speaking at conferences, writing articles, delivering testing courses, and conducting testing boot camps.