Performance in Modern Times: An Evolutionary Journey

System performance has become critical with the pace of agile, devops, and continuous delivery, where things like microservices, cloud, IoT, and other factors keep changing the landscape of the IT world. Unfortunately, many teams still try to hold on to the old testing and quality assurance methods. When it comes to performance, they tend to think that it is all about load testing, even though there are many ways we can expand how we view performance, including things like engineering for performance, validation, verification, optimization, notification, monitoring, and more. Evolving our view of performance in this way enables organizations to ensure their applications not only perform well at release time, but can continue to do so as the landscape changes. Are you curious about what it takes to have a well-rounded approach to performance in modern times? Leandro Melendez will discuss emerging trends, practices, tools and technologies, and how they are impacting the performance discipline. He’ll entertain you with fun examples that illustrate these differences, starting from the old days to the latest approaches. You won’t want to miss out on Leandro’s recommendations and get a roadmap to ensuring performance on this evolutionary journey.

Leandro Melendez, K6-Grafana

Leandro Melendez is a performance testing advocate with K6-Grafana helping everyone to ramp up on their performance practices. He has over 20 years of experience in IT and over 10 in the performance testing practice where he served multiple S&P500 customers all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, India, Austria, etc. Author of the popular performance testing blog Señor Performo where he curates a diverse set of learning material for performance testers and engineers. He is the producer and host of the Spanish language version of the PerfBytes podcast and the Señor Performo learning YouTube channels. Leandro is an international public speaker and the author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Load Testing Projects.