Stoic Automation Testing

In my speech I will connect philosophy and IT. I will talk about how to use stoic principles during automation testing. I will explain how to use stoic philosophy during daily work of automation QA engineers on real examples, I will use my own automation framework for these examples:

What will I share with the attendees:
I will share my opinion that stoic philosophy isn't just boring ancient theory which we know from school subjects, but real self-development program which can be applied in modern life and in IT sphere for example in automation testing

Key Takeaways:
  • Why learn and practice stoicism in 2022
  • How to apply stoic principles in automation testing

Photo of Maros KutschyMaros Kutschy, Ness

Please see my LinkedIn profile: Automation testing is my hobby and I am glad that I can spend time with it also at work :) I am doing automation since 2008, I work since 2014 in Ness. I am specialized in Java Selenium Cucumber framework, I work with tools like Maven, Git, Bitbucket, Jenkins, IDEA IntelliJ, Percy, Applitools, Galen, Karate framework. On daily basis I am doing UI and API automation. I am creator of Jasecu Automation Framework: I created couple of Udemy courses, two related to Jasecu framework are: Cucumber & Java & Selenium automation framework - JASECU Galen UI LAYOUT automation testing with Cucumber & Java In 2021 I was speaking at: - Testingmind Test Automation & Digital QA Virtual Summit 2021 - SEETEST 2021 Conference - PNSQC2021 Conference - Tesena webinar In 2022 I was speaking at: - Automation Guild 2022 Conference - Testing United 2022 Conference in Prague