Evolution & Future of Software Testing

We all observe that software testing continues to grow, proving that it is a living organism. In this talk, we will discuss how software testing has grown. From where to where we have proceeded. And finally we will talk about what we can do more and which novel approaches we can embrace in the future mainly concentrated on Machine Learning integration.

We will discuss the transitions and transformations from (1) Waterfall to Agile, (2) Manual to Automated Testing and (3) Big Releases to Continuous Testing.

Nowadays, researchers are looking for adaptation of Machine Learning (4) algorithms and other hot topics to testing processes to reduce the manual effort and improve quality.

I will touch:
On the one hand, there are numerous advantages of new approaches, that is why we have updated our workflows.
On the other hand, there are challenges to maintain these practices properly. What are the difficulties of:
Agile practices
Continuous testing
Automated testing
What are the application areas of Machine Learning algorithms in software testing:
Test Definition
Test Execution
Test Code Implementation
Test Maintenance

Results & Conclusion: Objective of the talk is: To provide some insights about the growth of software testing. know the challenges and benefits of all testing management approaches.
get insights about the growth of software testing life cycle and be ready for the next generation activities (AI-supported testing and others).
imagine how Machine Learning can be used to generate automatic test cases.
imagine how Machine Learning can be used to manage bugs.

Mesut Durukal, QA Automation Engineer, Indeed

Mesut has BSc and MSc degrees from Bogazici University Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He has
more than 13 years' experience in Industrial Automation, IoT platforms, SaaS/PaaS and Cloud Services, Defense Industry, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Embedded and Software applications.

Along with having a proficiency in CMMI and Scrum & PMP experiences under his belt, he has taken
various roles like Quality Owner and Hiring Manager in the QA teams and Chapter Lead in the
organization, leading multiple QA squads in multinational projects.

He has expertise in test automation and integration to CI/CD platforms supporting continuous testing with logging, reporting and root cause analysis packages from scratch.

Besides, he has been facilitating test processes and building test lifecycle in the projects. He has initiated several QA POCs like Monitoring and Bugs Management with ML assistance.