How I learned things and Influenced People with sketchnotes

High tech technologies and skills constantly change. In this whirlpool of new ideas, do you find yourself sometimes underwater -- struggling to organize the maelstrom of new information? If there were only a way to process information as you hear about it and organize it into accessible repositories for reference.

This was a problem that Moss Drake experienced until he discovered the practice of taking Sketchnotes. Sketchnoting is a method for taking notes that uses visual, kinetic and introspection to reinforce learning. Drake has 10 years of experience using notes to learn and share discoveries from work, conferences, and meetups.

In addition to providing a way to take more effective notes, Moss has discovered a side benefit: sharing notes with communities is a way for a self-professed introvert to overcome barriers in networking, collaboration and communication.

example posting:

Takeaways for the talk include:
  • Benefits of sketch notes
  • Ways to organize your working process
  • Visual thinking and drawing skills
  • How to provide context for any topic
  • How introverts can influence communities of people

Moss Drake, Software Developer

Moss Drake has over three decades of experience developing professional software with a focus on healthcare and insurance. He has a passion for improving team communication, discovering innovative ways to deliver software, and using agile methodologies. In addition to volunteering and being on the board of several organizations such as the Pacific NW Software Quality Conference, The Flying Focus Video Collective and Hack Oregon, Moss enjoys playing music, traveling and drawing.