Versus comparison framework â?? smart and efficient files comparison framework for automated test cases software

In any software automated testing environment, file comparison is an essential step, as it determines whether the outputs of the tool match the expected results or not. Perfecting this testing step will result in a big enhancement in the testing flow and will make the whole process robust and reliable.
That's why we created Versus, it is a file comparison framework and standard, its designed to facilitate the files comparison task, isolating the QA personnel from writing complex scripts to compare their results, while offering them state of the art tools internally to do the comparison using the optimal environment and settings.
The main philosophy of Versus framework is maintainability, and ease of use, so the framework is designed to only accept one input, a human-readable, easy to create and maintain, YAML formatted configuration file that has the definition of all the comparison checks to execute.
Versus parses this YAML file, and start executing the comparison checks, and then it generated a neat, easy to analyze comparison summary report, designed with one main goal in mind, to reduce the test failure analysis time, it will always direct you to the fastest method to review the differences detected. The power of abstraction and standardization and it's effect on the regression testing analysis time

Clean differences reporting standards and ability to extend to visual tools

Ease of change global and local comparison rules and generate different reports from different perspectives based on the testing objectives

Omar Ragy, SW QA manager

Electronics and Communications Engineer
15 years of software testing in the EDA
Managing a team of 5 in Siemens Digital Industries software in, Cairo Egypt

Ahmed Aly, Senior QA Engineer

8 years of Software Test Automation and Test Cases design in Mentor Graphics Egypt and Siemens Digital Industries Software

Reem Eladawy Test Engineer Director

25 years in the EDA engineering development and Quality Assurance in Mentor Graphics Egypt and Siemens Digital Industries Software