TestZeus: Open source UI automation framework built specifically for Salesforce with Auto-locators

Automation for Salesforce is tough (no , seriously). And every platform release brings the lightning and thunder for UI Automation tests (Winter21 caused even our tests to shiver). So we thought, what if we could find a solution to this madness and create a simple (but robust) framework for Salesforce automation tests. And solve the problem of flaky tests, while accelerating the development of automation tests. Presenting (drum roll ?) TestZeus -> An open source automation framework built specifically for Salesforce. So what ? Well, this framework has boiler plate code to get you started with test automation for your Salesforce org. And just to name a few features :

a.Advance utilities like Autolocators ???? (https://github.com/TestZeus/TestZeus/blob/main/README.md#autolocator-strategy-)
b.API integrations for REST APIs ?
c.Intelligent Waiting mechanism for Salesforce pages ?
d.Contextual actions for Salesforce UI elements?
e.Basic integrations like Email , Selenium, TESTNG, MAVEN and page objects.?
The core of the framework works on top of Salesforce's UI API to achieve UI automation.
And users can not only build on top of TestZeus as boiler plate framework, but also import it conveniently as a maven package. a. What to test on Salesforce : App changes vs Release changes and What not to Test: List/Calendars/Sorting columns.
b. TestZeus Framework:Intro and Creating a Test Case
c. Open source ecosystem around SAAS offerings like Salesforce/Oracle/Workday etc.

Robin Gupta, Associate Vice President, Provar

Robin is a multi-talented manager with over a decade of metrics-driven approach to
challenging projects. He is successful at managing all aspects of delivery vis a vis
Engineering and regularly contributes to Open source. He has a polymorphic leadership style with fluency in BFSI, EdTech, Retail, Healthcare, and E-commerce domains. He tries to lead by example and is a proud dad most of the time.