Optimize Your Testing Performance by Using Cypress.io

Automation testing is one of the essential components in the software development life cycle, but it is very time consuming and resource intensive to maintain. Quality Engineers have to constantly trade off or prioritize either test speed, test coverage or test stability, because it is difficult to have all three. For example, when test speed increases, test stability may decrease; or when test coverage increases, test speed may decrease accordingly. Balancing these three aspects requires a significant amount of work experience and technical knowledge. This article will discuss the approach using Cypress.io to simultaneously improve test speed, test coverage and test stability.

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Ryan Song

Ryan is a staff test engineer at Iterable who has been working in the quality industry for 8 years. He has experience working in different sizes of companies, such as startups, federal/defense projects and Fortune 50 level companies. He is Passionate about Automation Testing and CI/CD process and specialized In system optimization and operation research. Ryan located in Los Angeles and graduated from Texas A&M University, majored in Industrial and System engineering.