Emerging Technology in Optimization of Virtual Rural Healthcare

Patient demand for virtual care has increased exponentially in the past year and now healthcare providers need to be prepared as telehealth becomes a new standard option for care. During this unprecedented time, rural and community hospitals have ramped up to use emerging innovative technological approaches to care. In order to ensure efficient and agile care when treating patients.

Community and rural hospitals face many challenges in effective communication. Patients might have limited access to healthcare portals or apps. Providers may find it hard to stay in alignment with individual patient needs. Streamlining clinical collaboration is critical to maintaining quality of care while demand increases. Deploying secure messaging platforms enables easy provider-to-provider, provider-to-nurse and system-to-patient communication over voice, video or text.

This paper lays emphasis on the Patient Data Security in digital healthcare solutions, in addition to providing layered methods on protecting patient data and devices from data breaches, phishing, endpoint attacks and other threats is critically important. As the healthcare cybersecurity landscape grows and new threats emerge, healthcare IT professionals must balance IT security policy, processes, and compliance with the need to maintain seamless data flow and timely access to patient information. Key Takeaways:

* Multiple way to Encrypt patient data security.
* Use emerging technology as a medium to increase healthcare coverage across boundaries.
* Integrate security validation across collaboration.
* Understand overall risk and its mitigation prior to deployment

Sneha Mirajkar, Software Engineer

Sneha Mirajkar is a Senior Software Engineer at Cisco, with 15+ years of experience in software testing and extensive hands-on in test automation using golang, Python, AWS, web-services. She has expertise in AWS applications.

Vitalkumar Mirajkar, Senior Engineering Manager

Vittalkumar Mirajkar is a Senior Engineering Manager 16+ years of testing experience ranging from device driver testing, application testing and server testing. He specializes in testing security products. His area of interest is performance testing, soak testing, data analysis and exploratory testing