Role of DevSecOps in designing Cybersecurity

DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) automates the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery. DevSecOps represents a natural and necessary evolution in the way development organizations approach security. In the past, security was 'tacked on' to software at the end of the development cycle by a separate security team and was tested by a separate quality assurance team. DevSecOps integrates application and infrastructure security seamlessly into Agile and DevOps processes and tools. It addresses security issues as they emerge, when they're easier, faster, and less expensive to fix (and before they are put into production). Additionally, DevSecOps makes application and infrastructure security a shared responsibility of development, security, and IT operations teams, rather than the sole responsibility of a security silo. It enables 'software, safer, sooner'-the DevSecOps motto–by automating the delivery of secure software without slowing the software development cycle.

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Sneha Mirajkar

Sneha has 13+ years of leadership experience in DevSecOps,,software testing, technology, project leadership role and successful delivery experience . She is technically sophisticated with a career reflecting different stages of QA life cycle, aspiring leadership qualities, coupled with hands-on experience in automation over a span of 10+ years such as, using PYTHON, Selenium, PERL, QTP, VBscript, Web Application/Web services testing and functional testing. She has also experience in cloud testing (SAAS) and IAAS, AWS Applications,Testing Android applications. Shena has proven track record in working Product portfolio with diverse technologies. Sneha has strong hands on experience in all gamuts of functional and Non functional testing like UNIT testing and performance. Sneha has successfully used Agile and Lean Methodologies to drive efficiency in DevSecOps