Ramping Up Modern Performance

Modern software is developed in a continuous manner, with several backend services frequently being deployed and scaled in the cloud. Furthermore, as organizations move toward agile DevOps and continuous delivery, it is vital for them to move away from traditional approaches to evaluating performance. Are you interested in ramping up or polishing your skills on performance testing?

Join Leandro Melendez as he introduces you to modern, agile, and continuous performance testing. You’ll learn performance assurance principles and everything from fundamental performance concepts like correlation, to the advanced pipelining of performance checks. Performance testing is evolving from just load testing and so should we!

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Define what is performance testing and identify differences between performance testing, assurance and load testing?
  • Explain principles for addressing performance concerns under a traditional or waterfall software process versus modern, agile, software practices.
  • Describe best practices for modern performance assurance Integrate performance tests into the CI. (Demo: Jenkins and k6)
  • Apply tools like k6, git, and pipelines to performance as part of exercises and demos.

Leandro Melendez, K6-Grafana

Jeff Sing

Leandro is a keynote speaker for PNSQC 2022. Read more about his keynote and bio here.