Supply Chain Security: Threats, Defenses and what you Can do

Invited Speaker!

Straight from the Product Security Supply Chain team at Red Hat, Yesenia Yser will be discussing a topic ripe for the picking — Software Supply Chain Security. The scale at which attackers can obtain additional targets is compounded when attacking a software vendor's supply chain. To illustrate this concept, Yesenia will present the impact and depth of a well-publicized software supply chain vulnerability. How did they do it? What was its impact and repercussions? How was it remediated? After thoroughly exposing the potential threats, she will point attendees to actionable steps they can take to help harden their own supply chain. You‘ll leave with a good understanding of what software supply chain security is all about, and how it is evolving. Yesenia will show you how to find a balance between maintaining a trusted supply chain while supporting innovative freedom so that you too can be a part of the solution.

Yesenia Yser, Red Hat

Yesenia Yser is a Principal Security Engineer and Supply Chain Ops Technical Lead at Red Hat. She has over ten years in Information Technology and Software Security and holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's in digital forensics. Her professional background is composed of security software development and incident response, with emphasis on customer support, communication, training, security, and leadership awareness. She has managed and worked on a wide range of tools, such as certificate authority, encryption service, detection and alerting, mobile applications, and risk evaluation tools on a global scale. Yesenia is also a passionate learner who studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and yoga in her free time.